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408 Covid Pandemic Visa Updates

The most important update is that you can now bring your offshore family unit members on a 408 Subsequent entrant visa.

You can:

  • Include members of the family unit in your application when you apply, or

  • Make a subsequent entrant application in ImmiAccount to add members of the family unit. You can do this after you lodge your application.

Family members who apply with you must also meet our health and character requirements.

We have received successful grants for offshore Spouses and dependents, and if you need help with this visa, you can book a consultation through our website.

Suppose you are a TGV holder in Australia. In that case, you may apply for and be granted a Pandemic event visa with two years of stay instead of a Temporary graduate visa extension if:

  • Your TGV expires before 1 July 2023

  • You are not eligible to apply for a TGV extension on 1 July 2023

  • You currently have an unfinalized 408 Pandemic event visa application, and you held a TGV when you made that application.

Please note that if you are granted a 408 Covid Pandemic Event visa, you will not be eligible to apply separately for an extended 485 visa, so you should evaluate your options carefully before applying.

The most commonly asked question that we are getting is if you can travel overseas while awaiting the outcome of your Covid-19 Pandemic event visa application.

  • If you submit an application and leave Australia before the Department decides on it, ensure you hold a visa allowing you to return to Australia.

The next question we keep getting is, can you change employers while awaiting the outcome of your 408 Covid Pandemic Visa? Department has advised that due to the need for workers in Australia, they have temporarily implemented a less restrictive policy on visa condition 8107 - work limitation for COVID-19 Pandemic event visa holders (and applicants), which allows them to work unrestricted.

  • COVID-19 Pandemic event visa applicants may change employment and work for multiple employers, including self-employment. There is no need to contact the Department to advise of changes in employment.

  • COVID-19 Pandemic event visa applicants working in Australia should continue to work while they wait for the outcome of their application. If they are no longer employed, they should find new employment or make arrangements to leave Australia.

Suppose you currently hold a COVID-19 Pandemic event visa that is about to expire. In that case, you may be eligible for another COVID-19 Pandemic event visa if you wish to remain in Australia to continue working in the Australian sector.

We have successfully helped numerous clients with their second and third 408 Covid pandemic visas.

The Department has also advised that you can travel outside Australia and return multiple times as long as your COVID-19 Pandemic event visa is in effect and you meet any travel requirements in place at the time you travel.

Your COVID-19 Pandemic Event Visa grant notification letter may contain a 'must not arrive after' date seven days from your visa grant date. If you depart Australia, this date will not cease your visa or change your duration.

Time spent outside Australia does not extend the visa period in Australia.

If you need any help with your own 408 visas or the subsequent entrant covid visa for the members of your family unit, please book a consultation with us.

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