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Employer Sponsored Visa 186 Concession Arrangements

In this blog, we will be talking about all the concessions regarding the

permanent Employer sponsored visa subclass 186.

The Department of Home Affairs has provided many concessions due to lengthy border closures during the pandemic. One such arrangement came into force on 1 July 2022 whereby; Subclass 482 visa holders who had occupations on the short-term list and had been in Australia for at least one year between 1 February 2020 and 14 December 2021 could apply for permanent residency via subclass 186 employer-sponsored visa (Temporary Residency Transition Stream).

Previously this pathway was only available to subclass 482 visa holders with occupations on the medium and long-term occupation list. Some subclass 482 visa holders with occupations on the short-term list had been holding this temporary Employer sponsored visa for years, having applied for subsequent 482 visas, with no likelihood of gaining permanent residence in Australia via their employer sponsorship arrangements.

As of 13 February, this concession has been extended to include subclass 482 visa holders with occupations on the Regional Occupation List. Note: for this extended arrangement, the subclass 482 holders must hold medium-term stream 482 visas.

In another update, the Department has advised that since 22 December 2022, the sc 186 policy titled "3.8.3. Medical Practitioners – registration requirements" within the "Assessing Eligible Skilled Occupations" policy document applies to all AHPRA regulation occupations.

This means Provisional or Limited registration can be accepted for all AHPRA-regulated occupations. Under the policy, additional information may be required to confirm that they have a sufficient level of registration, and a decision maker can request a statement from the nominator stating:

• their awareness of the applicant's 'type' of registration and

• they agree that the type of licensing and/or registration the applicant holds or is eligible to hold will allow them to effectively perform the duties of the occupation in which they have been nominated.

The Department has advised that the new policy will be applied to applications already lodged and newly lodged applications.

The Department has confirmed that this information will be published in the following Skilled Newsletter and, in time, updated in the online policy instruction.

If you have become eligible under the new concession arrangements, please book a consultation with us.

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