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Interim allocations until October 2020

States have been allocated a total of 5169 places in this Interim allocation which includes skilled visas 190/491 and Business Innovation and Investor visas 132/188.

South Australia has been allocated the maximum seats when it comes to the skilled migration visa- 190 and 491. An important thing to note here is that South Australia has been allocated more seats for 491 visas than 190. It seems that they will be more generous for their 491-visa option, this is also because many applicants move from other states to South Australia due to their generous occupation list. If you are someone who has moved from another state to South Australia, then you will only be offered 491 from South Australia.

Victoria has received the highest allocation for the Business and Investor program, this could be because Victoria is greatly affected by this pandemic and anything to boost its economy is the government’s high priority. When Business migrants are invited by any state, they are committed to invest and create jobs in that state. Department has also recently announced that Business visa migrants will now be permitted to enter Australia. This is also an indication that the Department wants to promote Business Investment in Australia. Victoria has also been given the second-highest allocation with skilled visa places which they are using to invite the health workers to help with their pandemic.

Tasmania has also been allocated more seats for 491 visas than 190 visas. All other states either have a similar number of 190 and 491 allocations or 190 has a higher allocation.

190 visas have been given the highest allocation of 2430 total places, then 1715 for 491 and then 1024 for the Business and Investor program.

We anticipate that further allocations will be given following the 6th October 2020 budget. These allocations are intended to only last approximately 1 month.

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