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Trades Recognition Australia Updates - June 2023

Only assessment-ready applications should be lodged to our programs, particularly for the Job Ready Program.

Applications that do not meet program eligibility on the date the application is submitted will be considered invalid and will not be processed.

Lodgment of an invalid application will not save a place in the processing queue. These applicants will be required to restart their application (and pay the assessment fee again) when eligible or the necessary documents are provided.


I. applications are considered invalid if submitted without correct documents and/or incomplete documentation at the time of application.

What's Changing

II. security updates within mandatory multi-factor authentication from 29 June 2023.

III. reintroduction of Provisional Skills Assessment from 1 July 2023.

Trades Recognition Australia: Reminder on valid applications

Over the last 12 months, TRA has expanded the size of our assessment teams in the Job Ready Program to process significantly more applications. To enable TRA to process applications quickly, they need the application to include all documents and be submitted after the applicant has completed their qualification.

Applications that are incomplete or submitted before completion of the qualification are considered invalid and will not be processed.

TRA is asking members to reinforce the importance of submitting applications that are complete, valid, and ready for assessment.

Trades Recognition Australia: Important security updates

From Thursday, 29 June 2023, TRA is introducing mandatory multi-factor authentication to Trades Recognition Australia's Online Portal to further protect our applicants' personal information and security.

Multi-factor authentication will involve entering a One-Time Passcode that will be sent to the email address a user registered with when logging into our Online Portal.

When users access the portal for the first time after 29 June 2023, they will be asked to enter a Registered Email Address to receive their One Time Passcode. Only one email address can be used; therefore, applicants and agents who do not share the same email address must decide which email address to register to receive the One Time Passcode. TRA anticipates further system enhancements will allow applicants and migration agents to access the same application.

Trades Recognition Australia: Reintroduction of the Provisional Skills Assessment program on 1 July 2023

On 1 July 2022, the Department of Home Affairs temporarily suspended the requirement for a qualification skills assessment as a pre-requisite for a 485 visa for twelve months.

On Saturday, 1 July 2023, the Provisional Skills Assessment program will be restarting for migrants who require a qualification skills assessment before applying for a 485 visa. The Provisional Skills Assessment is a pre-requisite for the Job Ready Program.

To reduce confusion for our applicants, TRA is separating the Provisional Skills Assessment program from the Job Ready Program to clarify each program's pathways and purpose. The program guidelines will be divided and updated, and the online application portal will be updated on 1 July 2023 to reflect the two programs.

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